COMINT Consulting announces SIGINT systems integration collaboration with NEID, Inc.

February 2021
Northeast Information Discovery, Inc. (NEID) is an innovator in SIGINT solutions to support airborne, maritime, and ground applications, both military and civil. NEID’s CRUMBCATCHER™ core SIGINT capability readily integrates software-defined radio (SDR) technologies and legacy systems to provide wideband spectrum survey, RF energy detection, signal monitoring, RF and audio recording/replay, signal classification, signal decoding, and direction finding (DF)/geolocation. CRUMBCATCHER’s interoperability frameworks and web-based, Operator-focused user interface readily support the integration of other advanced technologies, such as COMINT Consulting’s Krypto500 and Krypto1000 COMINT / SIGINT software suites, that provide collection, powerful analysis, precision signal classification and deep decoding solutions. CRUMBCATCHER™ delivers the best possible signal, empowering COMINT Consulting’s more than 4,000 precision signal classifiers and market-leading collection of decoders to provide solid signal identifications and accurate raw intelligence to SIGINT / COMINT operators and analysts.

From the ground up, CRUMBCATCHER™ was built around Open Architectures (OAs). CRUMBCATCHER™ can be deployed on Intel and ARM-based machines and is largely RF front-end agnostic. Northeast Information Discovery also offers its own optimized SWAP-C mission computers for footprints under 6" x 6".

Krypto500 and Krypto1000 are focused on producing maximum intelligence from HF and VHF/UHF hard targets of high intelligence value. The company currently has 225+ more decoders than any other company worldwide and produces new decode solutions at a rate 15-20x faster than the rest of the international SIGINT industry.

According to Northeast Information Discovery’s President and CEO, Kristin Meyer, "NEID is thrilled to show off our deep knowledge of SDRs and open frameworks in CRUMBCATCHER™ and extend our SIGINT technologies reach with COMINT Consulting’s Krypto-series COMINT / SIGINT software suites. Together, the two companies’ leading-edge solutions will enable our customers to meet critical operational needs. We look forward to working with COMINT Consulting on many challenging problems."

About COMINT Consulting

COMINT Consulting leads the COMINT/SIGINT field with two SIGINT software suites compatible with several hundred leading hardware manufacturers and system integrators. Further, the company has been instrumental in creating completely new techniques in COMINT, to include precision classification, fingerprinting and visual parsing. Visit our website at

About Northeast Information Discovery, Inc.

Northeast Information Discovery (NEID) is a solutions-focused company with software and hardware experience in research and development, software-defined radio, deep learning, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and electronic warfare. NEID brings cutting-edge research and manufacturing into practice.

Northeast Information Discovery is a woman-owned small business and is headquartered in Canastota, NY.

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