Operator-focused SIGINT Collection


CRUMBCATCHER™ core SIGINT capability readily integrates software-defined radio (SDR) technologies and legacy systems to provide wideband spectrum survey, RF energy detection, signal monitoring, RF and audio recording/replay, signal classification, signal decoding, and direction finding (DF)/geolocation. From the ground up, CRUMBCATCHER™ was built around Open Architectures (OAs). CRUMBCATCHER™ can be deployed on Intel and ARM-based machines and is largely RF front-end agnostic. Northeast Information Discovery also offers its own optimized SWAP-C mission computers for footprints under 6" x 6".


Energy Detection and Tasking

As soon as they key their mic, they're detected. CRUMBCATCHER™ lists each detection and provides tasking controls so the Operator can quickly monitor the signal or apply other signal processing, such as decoding and direction finding.


Collection Tasking

Multiple collection tasks are only limited by the connected software define radio (SDR) hardware. CRUMBCATCHER™ takes care of the background hardware and software resource management, leaving the Operator to focus on the real work.


Direction Finding

CRUMBCATCHER™’s direction finding (DF) subsystem can DF multiple targets at once. It’s typically deployed with a four-element array. If a different array is needed, it can be calibrated using known emitters and their locations. High resolution lines of bearing provide target direction and can provide geolocation if used on a mobile platform or with distributed sensor and antenna nodes. DF is fully automated, though manual control is available.